DIY Modern Yarn Wall Decor

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been really into interior decor this year. I’m not sure what inspired it other than the fact that I love experiencing, capturing and creating beautiful spaces. I think my interior decor style is very similar to my personal style, I love a clean, minimalist look.

I’m not big into committing to bold colors (with the exception of accessorizing an outfit) and I always find myself drawn to this same approach in home decor as well. I like when the basics such as the couch, furniture, rugs etc are neutral and the color is incorporated into the accessories especially pillows, wall art, and books.

Here is a DIY project I did recently for some yarn wall art. I followed this tutorial from HomeyohMy and it turned out pretty exact. I stuck to black and grey for my colors but you could change it up and go with whatever color you wanted. The whole project costed less than $20 at Michael’s and I absolutely loved how it turned out.



Is this something you would like to see more of? I love finding easy DIY projects, especially if it means adding unique elements to my home. Up next I’m going to create a gallery wall above my desk. I’ve been putting it off only because I wasn’t sure of the prints I wanted to include, but I’ve collected enough images now to start plotting it out. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!



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