How I Restyle An Item For The Perfect Fit

I love reinventing tops in my closet and styling them in different ways than the way they were meant to be worn. This top has always been a little hard to style and something about the fit was just not right from the beginning.

 This is the original way the top is intended to be worn.

I LOVE the color of this top, it’s actually one of my favorite colors to wear, but I always put it on and never end up wearing it because I just couldn’t get it to fit exactly how I wanted it to.

I recently figured out a way to restyle it and I’m so glad I did! I felt so much more confident wearing it this way instead and I’m happy it isn’t going to be just sitting in my closet without being worn. Don’t be afraid to alter the clothes in your closet to get a better fit. Be creative and wear the item in the way that you feel most comfortable and confident.

Sidenote – I cut the hem of every single pair of jeans that I own. I have a very specific length of fit that I like, so I cut the hems to be that perfect length!


One thought on “How I Restyle An Item For The Perfect Fit

  1. Hi Sarah!

    I just came here after Alex Beadon mentioned your blog on a livestream. YES I completely agree with you–restyling is awesome! I have a particular color combination I love–red, black, and purple–but I’ve found it almost impossible to find in the right balance (artsy, not obnoxious). I found a brush-stroke inspired style in a L with 3/4 sleeves–it’s now a size small tunic with full-length sleeves.

    I’m curious–do you end up sewing your clothes to restyle it? That’s on my to-do list (for now it’s in pins, ha!)


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