3 Tips for Styling Athletic Wear

I’ve been loving the ease and comfort of wearing athletic wear lately. I typically don’t work in the office on Monday’s so this is usually my day to dress more casual than a typical working day.

My Monday routine is always the same; wake up and head to a coffee shop for the rest of the day, so comfort is key.


Create Some Shape

Wearing leggings with a loose shirt can make you look/feel a little boxy so if you are going for that put together athleisure look, then add a little shape to your outfit. I like to either tie my shirt that I am wearing around my waist or actually tie my T-Shirt.

Perfect Fitting Leggings

I’m really particular about how my leggings fit. I have long legs so I sometimes struggle with finding the perfect length. These leggings by Zella are life changing. I wear them to do just about everything from working out to running errands. They are super thick and the bank at the top is the perfect high wasted height.


Cool Sneakers

A cool pair of shoes can literally transform your outfit, especially when you are already wearing something as casual as leggings and a T-Shirt. So have some fun with cool sneakers.



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