You’re probably thinking why would I ever want to wear a jacket if it’s blazing hot outside, and don’t get me wrong I agree. But if you are trying to pull off that effortlessly cool girl look, continue reading for my outerwear advice below.


I’ve always had this thought that jackets or any kind of outerwear can only be worn in the cold or winter months. And I guess this stems from growing up in the Caribbean with only one season – blistering heat, so why is outerwear even relevant? 

What I’ve learned in the last couple years is that outerwear completely transforms your outfit, taking it to the next level. If you’re like me, usually right before I walk out the door and take a last glance in the mirror I completely second guess everything I’m wearing and most of the time I get a sense as if my outfit is incomplete. 


Try adding a piece of outerwear to complete your look. Depending on the outfit and the weather this will obviously vary. I’m not going to throw on a leather jacket in Florida in the middle of June (even though I wish I could). A super lightweight bomber jacket or a vest trench coat would be a more appropriate option. What I do a lot of the time as well is tie a plaid shirt around my waist, that way I have the option of putting it on later on in the day. 

I’ve become really dependent on this little trick and I don’t leave my house now without that final touch, it makes all the difference. Outerwear has recently become very trendy, oversized military and denim shirts being a personal favorite. Check out some of my favorite options below. 

This Asos military jacket is so fun.


A denim jacket like this one from Revolve is a closet staple.


This lightweight tench is a good option for summer, the color is perfect and you can dress up any outfit with it.





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