Recent Outfit Vibes

I’ve had a pretty busy last month, with lots of changes happening. I moved into a new apartment, work has been crazy and I traveled a bit, but I’m glad to get back into my routine. I really like sharing a collective post of pictures of what’s been happening in my life lately, mostly to keep my family and friends in the loop.

Nothing like a white top and denim – am I right?

I’ve been trying to refine my blog to get a better sense of the type of content my readers enjoy most. I would love if you commented below what your favorite types of posts from me have been and maybe what you would like to see in my future posts? I’m thinking of maybe starting a new series where I share “things I’ve been loving lately” – let me know your thoughts?

My goal for my blog has always been to be a source of inspiration,ย not matter how small, so I hope I have inspired at least one person at some point.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah xx




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