I’ve always been on the fence about subscription boxes and if they are really worth the hype. When they first started coming out they were tailored mostly to beauty and makeup, but now there is literally a subscription box for just about anything!

From food to doggie treats, men’s products, fitness and even a monthly subscription for wine (yes you heard right), let’s just say they are everywhere!

I never thought it was necessary for me to join in on the monthly product overload. Let’s just say I tend to stick to my routine which includes minimal products that I know work for me, so the thought of getting products every month that I didn’t even need, seemed a little excessive.Well, I’ve officially been converted to the dark side AKA the best side ever.

So, my amazing girlfriends being the smarties that they are, gave me a year subscription to Birchbox for my birthday. If you live in a different country to a friend/loved one and are looking for a cool gift idea, this is the way to go! I got my fourth box this month and I have been obsessed with every box so far!

Birchbox is definitely more beauty and makeup tailored but what I love is that I have been able to try products that I have had on my list for a long time now without having to commit to buying the full size and then maybe regretting it. I’ve especially loved some of the hair stuff they have sent because I have always been really low maintenance with my hair styling but this has allowed me to experiment. I’ve gotten an Oribe texture spray this month that I can’t wait to use!

I’d say if you have been wanting to test out a monthly subscription box then Birchbox is the way to go!



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