Friday Favorite – Top Shop Jamie Jeans

I’m late to this, I know. But boy have I been missing out. The hype for Top Shop Jamie high waisted jeans has proven to be real. I would say one of the biggest struggles for me when clothes shopping is finding a perfect pair of jeans.

I have tried on no joke, hundreds of jeans in hopes of finding just the right fit. A couple months ago I went into Nordstrom with the mindset that I was not leaving without a pair of ripped black denim. So I literally picked up every brand/size/style in the women’s section and went into the changing room with no expectations.

The Topshop Jamie and Good American jeans were definitely the best fit! I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and quality of the Good American, but I ended up leaving with the TopShop because of the overwhelming amount of reviews I have read on them.

These jeans have easily become my go-to pair when I am going out and I’ll be getting another pair soon. They have the perfect amount of stretch and hold their shape throughout the night. They are also super high waisted which I love. I highly recommend trying these on before buying though because the sizing of these varies for the different styles.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend everyone.

Sar xx


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