I’ve lived in the US for a while now and it’s pretty sad that other than Florida the only other place I have visited is Savannah, GA. Throughout my University life, I did not take advantage of the amazing travel experiences I could have had. No more looking back because I have made it a personal mission to travel as much as I can and I’m excited for what’s ahead!

Enough about my recent craving for adventure, let’s get to the real point of this post.

NEW ORLEANS -There are no words to describe this city. I totally understand now why people are obsessed with this place. NOLA is high up on the list of the coolest places I’ve visited. From the food, the people, to the MUSIC, the vibe in NOLA is undeniable. There is a something constantly going on no matter the time of day and the feeling of excitement you get from just walking through the streets is indescribable.

Continue reading to see some of what we got up to, and I’m not sorry about the ridiculous amount of food pictures – IT WAS WORTH IT.

This Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail was AMAZING and so refreshing – it was so hot this day so the cocktail definitely helped to cool us down.

Day One – We drove into the French Quarter for our brunch reservation at Salon By Sucre – the cutest mid- century French bakery/ restaurant which featured a mix of traditional New Orleans and French cuisine. I won’t get into details of the history but the food and cocktails were outstanding so I highly recommend. We skipped on the desert to save it all for beignets later on in the day, but I kind of regret not getting something in the bakery at Sucre because it looked amazing.

My friends and I decided from the very first meal that for every restaurant we went to we would order a bunch of different things and share so that we could taste it all. Trust me this is the BEST way to order. We got to taste so many different things and we always super full at the end. Plus it also helped that we have the exact same taste in food so ordering was never a problem.



Walking through the streets and exploring is probably one of my favorite things to do in any city. It was amplified walking through the streets of NOLA. SO much to see and do, so much interesting people, constant movement, history, and culture everywhere you turn.


We stopped at Muriel’s (an old Plantation house/now hotel and restaurant) in Jackson Square for a drink, mostly because the heat was unbearable – but I’m glad we did because this hidden gem was a beautiful find. The drinks were great and we got to explore the hotel a little (aka we wanted balcony pics lol). The building is mostly preserved to its historic state so it was cool to see what it was like back in the 1800s. You can read more about the hotel here.

I think it may have been a coincidence but the combination of the colors pink and green seemed to be everywhere. So if you notice this reoccurring trend, it was not intentional!


Beignets guys- no words. I also have an embarrassing amount of videos of us stuffing our faces which will never be shown anywhere.

We ended our day with dinner at an Israeli restaurant on Magazine Street called Shaya. This was the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I never thought I would be able to say that statement but Shaya made it EASY. It is fairly new in New Orleans but I can see why now that we had to make the reservation 4 weeks in advance. The food is out of this world, make it a MUST to go here if you ever visit and be sure to order the baba ganoush and the calamari hummus.

Day 2 – Brunch at Brennan’s – once again the food was amazing. Brennan’s is known for their super fancy breakfast and of course the home of the original Banana’s Foster Dessert (which was epic btw).


French toast obviously, I think we had french toast every day we were there.


Exploring Bourbon during the day was quite the adventure.

And Hurricanes at Pat O’Briens – I’m obsessed with Piano bars, so much fun!

Day 3 – I’m going to stop writing food descriptions because you get the point, we ate A LOT. This restaurant Josephine Estelle was located in the Ace Hotel, which has a really cool vibe. We just happened to be there for Father’s Day so there was a live Jazz band which made it even more fun.





I fell in love with this city from the moment I arrived and I will definitely be going back. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, it’s a little different from my usual as I never write any travel pieces, but maybe I will start more? Let me know if you enjoyed this in the comments!

Recommendations always welcomed.

Thanks for reading always!

Sarah xx



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