I’ve always been pretty low maintenance with my hair but styling it takes a little work because it hardly holds any kind of shape or volume. I’ve tried many styling products, most of which work in the beginning but after about an hour of styling my hair, it usually just falls and I’m back to straight.

Not anymore! I’ve been following Jen Atkin the founder of Ouai, but probably more popularly known as the queen of celebrity hair stylists, for a long time now. From the moment I heard she was releasing a line of hair products, I had a feeling they would be GOLD.

Texturizing Hair Spray


I first bought the travel sized Dry Shampoo/Hair Spray. I absolutely love it. The bottle describes it as if “dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby” and it’s so true. I love that this one product is all you need to use once you are done styling. The dry shampoo side of it is light and doesn’t add that white dry shampoo film to my hair, and the hairspray side of it gives me so much volume and hold while still being soft to touch. Plus it smells amazing!! As soon as I tested the travel size I went straight to Sephora to buy the full size.

Wave Spray


I’ll be honest, I literally only got this yesterday but if I’m already raving about it doesn’t that mean it’s amazing? Like I said above, my hair is hard to style and it takes a lot to hold shape. No joke this wave spray is AMAZING. You apply a couple sprays to your hair when it’s still damp and then blow dry/style with a flat iron. I’m amazed at the volume and texture it gave my hair. It’s nonsticky and no salt formula is the best I’ve used. Be sure to try it!

With two products that I’m already loving, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fan and I’ll definitely be trying some more products from the line soon. The Rose hair and body oil is on my radar next!



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