I can’t believe that I’m sitting here writing my 100th post. I know in the scheme of things 100 doesn’t seem like a big number, but I have put a lot of work into creating content and I’m so excited to be here still doing what I love. 

You learn so much about someone when they put themselves on the internet, but you don’t ever really get to know them on a personal level, so I figured I’d share 10 things you wouldn’t know about me unless I shared it with you.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me 

  1. I have a HUGE family – 4 Sisters and 44 first cousins (and yes I know them all personally).
  2. I wasn’t always into fashion, I would say the obsession became real in my junior year of College.
  3. I have really small hands and feet, a size 5.5 women’s shoe to be exact.
  4. I absolutely cannot live without Peanut Butter, Popcorn and Dark Chocolate (85% and over!)
  5. I LOVE experimenting in the kitchen and finding healthier alternatives for recipes.
  6. Despite the Coffee obsession and the number of Coffee related pictures I post, I actually drink a cup of green tea every single morning and a cup of peppermint tea every night.
  7. Coconut oil – I know the coconut oil discussion can be a touchy topic, but I fully believe that coconut oil is magical. I douse my body in it before going to bed every night.
  8. Black- the answer to all my troubles (and yes Black is a color). Black on black is my go-to outfit formula when I’m in a crisis.
  9. My most played song on my iTunes is Drake Ft. Rihanna Take Care.
  10. I secretly love when it rains especially on a weekend so I could spend the day in bed with a good book.

And there ya go…

A special thank you to my day one readers for sticking around through all of this. Big things are happening for me in the writing world and I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you!

Sarah xx



6 thoughts on “100TH POST – 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME

      1. Dudo mucho que sean manga si ni siquiera estan en el sentido de lectura del manga. Solo lo estaba Himawari y es al que menos publicidad he visto darle.Por el resto, el articulo medio bien.P.D: En su dia ya publicaron a las Kosen en Ivrea, y sin embargo yo no vi que hubiese esa aceptacion. No veo que haya hueco para el manga español en España, lo que veo es que lo parece porque lo vende una editorial importante en el pais. Si no, hace ya años que NoulooEwtivn y Babylon serian la polla y esta entrada habria tardado mucho menos en publicarse.


    1. Thanks so much for the feature….you picked my favorite bretclee…bean thinking of taking it out of Etsy and wearing it myself….also, thanks for the Tweet and FB shouts…you are amazing…have a great week…


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