Friday Favorite – Madewell Denim Review

Remember when I spoke about why it’s worth it to invest in designer denim?

(here is the post if you missed it)

Well, I have had my eye on Madewell denim for some time now and around thanksgiving last year I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a pair of their jeans.



I’ve been wearing these for some months now and figured I would give you an honest review about how I’ve fallen in love with these jeans and why Madewell is now my top pick. The pair I ordered are the High Rise Skinny Jeans in Surfside wash – Tall 9″ 25
Sizing- I was a little skeptical when ordering these because I had never tried on Madewell jeans before, so I did some research and crossed my fingers. Pay attention to the particular item you are ordering, and be sure to read about the fit, material etc. Also, brands usually let you know the size that the model is wearing, as well as measurements – utilize these features! Mine are Size 25 Tall 9″ (I have long legs, so I typically always buy Tall in my jeans and have the hem altered if needed)

Wash- Madewell is known for their variety of washes of denim, so this would just be your preference. I just happened to need a classic dark blue pair of denim, so went with the Surfside Wash.

Fit- From the moment I put them on I was highly impressed with the fit. They slid right up, with the perfect amount of stretch. I could wear these jeans for an entire day and they will not get slack! They maintain their shape so perfectly and are so comfortable.

I would definitely recommend checking out Madewell if you’re in the market for some new denim. This black ripped pair are on the radar for my next purchase.

Thanks for reading!





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