The Black Ankle Boots That Everyone Is Obsessed With

These Louis Vuitton Boots are EVERYTHING, however, the price tag, not so much. Plus even if they were a consideration it wouldn’t be possible because they have been sold out everywhere.


A classic black bootie is a staple, no matter the climate you live in. I always used to think that I couldn’t wear boots in Trinidad because of the super humid climate. Since I have moved to Tampa, I haven’t stopped wearing my ankle boots and you know what? The weather is pretty much the exact same, sometimes hotter here than back home. You all know I love a sock boot with a leather skirt (aka my blue velvet) which I constantly wear.

Don’t be afraid to step out in your favorite booties no matter what the weather is like, and if you’re in the market for an incredible dupe of these Louis Vuitton booties, then here ya go!


Shout out to WhoWhatWear for featuring these on their must-haves haves from Forever21! I’ve checked them off my list and I’ve already worn them a ton.

Thanks for reading!





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