5 Tips for Smart Shopping That Always Work

Shopping, you either hate it or love it. I’m actually a bit of both. I could online shop for hours, adding everything to my cart and then closing off the tab LOL (don’t tell me you’ve never done this?).

Dealing with crowds at the mall is typically not something I love, so when it comes to shopping I go in with a few tips that help make the situation a lot more enjoyable.

Here are my top 5 tips for shopping smart:

  1. Do your research– Plan ahead and make of list of what you’re shopping for. Also, have all those outfit inspiration photos ready. This will help you narrow down what you really need rather than going into a store and just picking up everything, which usually results in buying a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need, or will only wear once.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help– I know most of you avoid those “annoying” sales people. But trust me, they can be super helpful, especially if you show them what you are looking for (AKA cut your shopping time in half).
  3. Always check the sale rack– I know it’s super annoying to dig through tons of clothes and sometimes the hassle isn’t worth it. But if you have the time and are not in a chaotic environment, the sale rack is usually worth checking out- some of my best purchases to date were found on sale racks (hello Nordstrom Rack).
  4. Try shopping alone– I’m about as indecisive as they come. EXCEPT when it comes to shopping. I know what works for my body and what I like from the moment I try something on, so in the shopping department, I usually don’t need a second opinion. However, sometimes a second opinion is necessary and allows you to step out of your comfort zone a bit.
  5. Stay focused on your goal– often times we get caught up in all the pretty things everywhere that we forget what we actually came for. Check back in with your list and make sure you have covered the stuff you were actually looking for. Once you feed confident with the damage done, then feel free to spend away on the extras 🙂

Share with me in the comments what your best shopping tip is.

Thanks for reading,



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