My Top Hack for Outfit Planning – Cut Your Getting Ready Time In Half

Half my battle when it comes to getting ready for my day or a night out is choosing my outfit. I get ready really quickly once I know what I’m wearing ahead of time, however, don’t be fooled, I have totally been that girl who stands in her closet for what seems like hours staring and hoping that somehow an outfit will just pop out of thin air.

Want to know the secret? TAKE PHOTOS

Ever getting ready for an event, tried on an outfit and said to yourself “oh I like this but not for right now” or “I need to remember this outfit”.

Here’s what I do to never forget all those cute outfits that magically disappear into your closet:

  1. Create a folder on your phone titled “Outfit Inspiration”
  2. Every look you try on take a photo of it, you never know when you’ll need that backup idea, trust me it comes in handy.
  3. Screen shot all your favorite outfits you see on Social Media (you can add it to your inspiration folder but I have a separate for each, just to stay organized)

Ps. This is also helpful when I’m going shopping- it helps me remember what I want and I like seeing an item on someone before buying it.

  1. Set aside some time to go through your closet to outfit plan. This works best for me when I know I have a couple events coming up. I’ll go through my closet and then try everything on, and if there is a specific look I am trying to achieve ill make a note of what I need to buy to complete the look. Once I’m finished ill take photos of myself in the outfits so I can remember every last detail.

I hope this super easy hack was helpful. Try doing it, I promise you will be a lot more organized and always on top of your outfit game!



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