Simple Styling Goes a Long Way

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that my style is super simple. I tend to stick to basics and mix things up with my accessories. I always get asked about my style and how I make a simple T-Shirt and jeans look fashionable yet dressy enough to wear out, so here’s my answer.

  1. Confidence- I like to feel comfortable and confident in what I wear. To accomplish this, basics are my go to. Jeans and t-shirts will never be out of style and it’s what I feel most confident in. Add a pair of killer heels and your outfit is instantly amped up. Being confident is something I have had to work on a lot in my own life, so feeling good about myself in a cool outfit is important.
  2. Black- Black is the most obvious answer to putting together an outfit. Black ALWAYS works, not matter what. Use it as your secret weapon.
  3.  Under Accessorize- You don’t ever want to seem like you tried too hard. My goal is always to look super understated. Keep your jewelry simple and delicate if you are going for a minimalist approach and try a statement earring OR bracelet, not both.
  4. A colored clutch- This is the easiest way to add color to your outfit without having to commit, I have commitment issues, I know.

I hope this super easy guide helps you the next time you are getting dressed. Comment below what’s your BEST styling secret, I’d love to hear.





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