Declutter Your Life – Declutter Your Mind

The above statement has never been more true. For the past week I have been helping my Aunt declutter and organize her closet. Not only has this been extremely therapeutic for her but it has inspired me to do my own and it has been life changing for us both.

We always hear that the minimalist lifestyle is the best way to live, and you really don’t need as much stuff as you think you do. I have always been one to keep clothes because “it may come back in style”, or “it may fit me again in the future”, but let’s face it, this NEVER happens. So why hold onto something that you know deep down you aren’t going to wear, regardless of the sentimental value attached to it.

I know that we sometimes get overwhelmed to begin this daunting task and we end up just putting it off all together to avoid the stress and mess that comes with it. However, this leads to the opposite result. You become more stressed and this leads to mind confusion which negatively affects your daily life.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  by Marie Kondo is what started this whole process. One of THE BEST books I have ever read and I strongly recommend it to anyone. It has truly helped me clear out my life.

Since my Aunt and I have been working on her closet together, I have found some really helpful tips that make the process a whole lot easier. Here’s my top tips for beginning to tidy up your life.

  1. DO NOT try to do the entire closet all at once, focus on one category at a time. For example, we started in her closet and began with shoes. We set aside time and focused on that one item and were able try on and really go through each pair of shoes without feeling overwhelmed. We took all the shoes down from the shelves and started with an empty canvas, only putting back the shoes that she really used. We created a pile for donation, and a pile for giving away to family members. Once the shoes were completed we moved onto other accessories. This is the best approach because at the end of the day we weren’t left with her closet in a total disaster because we did not start another category until the previous was completed.
  2. DO NOT try to do it alone. We both realized that the reason she had been putting off cleaning through everything was because the thought of her having to do it alone was overwhelming. Also, a second opinion helps SO MUCH. This was mainly my purpose for helping her, and having someone there to help and give honest feedback is half the battle.
  3. DO NOT hold onto items purely for sentimental reasons or because it was expensive. If it does not fit and you have not worn it in over a year, get rid of it. The likelihood of you reaching for it if you have not in over a year then chances are you probably aren’t going to again. I am a very sentimental person, but I have realized that if the item has served its purpose, then why hold onto it just because “my Mum gave it to me”. I’m sure someone else will appreciate it a whole lot more than you do with it just sitting in your closet.
  4. DO: Colour coordinate Tops & Blouses, fold your jeans and T-Shirts, pack away your out of season clothes (winter stuff when it’s summer), take that pile that you have been meaning to take to the tailor, wash that same pile you have been meaning to “hand wash”, label your storage boxes so you know what is in them and lastly, really make an effort when you are trying on an outfit to put it back in its place before you end up with a whole pile of stuff on the edge of your bed (which I know you all have, because I do to).

Hope some of you found these tips helpful and are now inspired to clean out your closet. PS- if it’s one thing that should inspire you from this post is to read the book I mentioned above- Seriously amazing!






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