It’s Yeezy Time, Again.

NYFW time! Oh how time flies, but I love fashion week so boy am I excited that it’s here.

Kanye’s show is always highly anticipated because of the element of surprise. Everyone knows that it will be something over the top and completely out of the box, typical Kanye right?  Yeezy Season 4 Spring 2017 presentation had A LOT of mixed reviews.

In my opinion this was the best Yeezy show so far in terms of the collection. Critics had a lot to say about the presentation (read here), but I found the clothes to be far more wearable than previous presentations and the colour scheme is completely up my alley (neutrals duh!!). And yes, if you are wondering, I am a Yeezy fan.

Check out this article for 10 Things to Know About Yeezy’s Spring Show.

See some of my top picks from the show below, and check out the full Collection here.







Are you are Yeezy fan like I am, or did this show disappoint? Let me know in the comments!



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