Watermelon Cocktails 

My favorite fruit has always been watermelon. This sweet, low calorie, hydrating fruit is the perfect addition to any summer menu.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy watermelon on a hot day with friends is by adding a few cubes to a wine spritzer. Over the weekend we tried a new recipe and the quick improvising with very limited ingredients turned out to be a delicious summer cocktail!

Here’s the recipe we came up with:


2 cups cubed watermelon (without the seeds)
1 cup of white rum
1-2 cups of club soda (depends on how strong you like it)
2 limes (juice of both)
1 cup of ice (optional)


Combine all ingredients except the ice in a blender, and pulse until blended. Add the ice at the end and pulse for a few seconds. Add more ice depending on how you like the consistency.
Tip: If you have time beforehand, cube your watermelon, lay it on a tray and put it in the freezer for a couple hours. This will make the drink more frozen and less watery.


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