I am a big jewelry lover, but I tend to stick to one statement piece when creating an outfit. Here are a few tips that work for me when adding jewelry to my look.

A good watch is a must, it somehow always polishes your outfit, I never feel complete without my watch. Stacking delicate bracelets with your watch is a huge trend right now, and I love that you can mix and match any style and it will always look good.





I also love statement necklaces. If I am wearing one, I will keep all my other jewelry extremely minimal, letting the necklace speak for itself. Same goes for statement earrings. Nothing prettier than beautiful statement earrings and a sleek hair style.


Current Choker obsession, check it out here.




ps. my friends know me too well. They got me this for my birthday.

The best jewelry to me though is right there in my mothers closet. My mum has the most beautiful jewelry from years of collecting and each item tells a different story and I love that some things have a vintage feel. I love more delicate pieces, and have been wearing her double band gold ring since I am about 16. It feels so special to know that you are wearing something that your Mum wore at your age years before.

My favorite way to wear delicate rings is to stack a bunch of them together, like the ones below.



Let me know your best jewelry tips below!




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