Get it Right Everytime

Here are some tips and tricks I have found to be the most useful when pulling together the perfect outfit every time.

My Typical Outfit

  1. Black is always a safe colour. Whenever I am rushing or just have no idea what to wear, I find that black is ALWAYS a safe option.
  1. Dark wash skinny jeans. Some jeans these days are dark enough to pass as dressy pants, so if you’re trying to look a little more dressed up, dark skinnies work effortlessly almost every time.
  1. Shoes will vary. If the event is more casual, throw on a pair of flats and your good to go. If you need to be dressier, a pair of pumps will instantly transform your casual jean look to dressy. But, if you’re like me, you’ll reach for the heels no matter what.

Styling tips

Here are some easy tips and tricks to glam up your black top and skinny jeans.

Top- I always feel a little frumpy when a blouse looks too big or loose fitting on me (unless that’s the look I am trying to achieve). One simple solution that I literally live by, is too tuck the front of your top into your jeans. Trust me, it adds so much to an outfit and will instantly give you an edge.

Jeans- I have a hard time finding the right length jeans because my legs are really long even though I am not that tall. So what I find helpful when my length is a little awkward is to cuff the bottom of my jeans. The size of the cuff depends on the type of jeans and the type of shoes. I prefer a narrow cuff when wearing heels, just enough so it hits right above my ankle. When wearing flats I prefer a thicker cuff.

Accessories- jewellery for me is a must. A necklace instantly makes me feel dressier. I think a really effortless way to immediately glam up an outfit is by using a clutch instead of a handbag or cross body bag. Clutches are one of my favourite accessories and I think they are worth investing in.


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