Organizing my closet has become a really big passion of mine. Knowing that everything has a home and is in the right spot is super convenient and I think it is important to take care of the items in your closet, especially when you invest in pieces that are bit more pricey.

Also, knowing exactly what you have in your closet makes it easier to plan outfits especially when everything is perfectly displayed right in front of you.

My closet houses most of my clothing and accessories, but storing my shoes and handbags is where things get a little tricky. I am really particular about how things are organized and I have found the perfect solution for my shoes! When I figure out the handbag situation ill get back to you.

With my growing shoe collection, I definitely needed more space than what my closet provided. So after being inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, I came up with a similar solution, which I am still obsessed with!




I am constantly changing it around but I am really happy with how it looks now so I decided I would share. It’s completely DIY & with the help of my trusty BRO (brother in law), it was completed in record time.







Sarah xx


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