Krissys Coffee

So, I decided for the month of March I’d be sharing a random favorite thing of mine weekly. I was thinking recently, I LOVE to read about other people’s favorite things because it inspires me to try something new. Being inspired is something that I am constantly craving so I decided to share a few of my favorite things! Always be inspired to share things you love as well.

First monthly favorite, Krissy’s Coffee

Some may know, Kristina and I are cousins but we might as well be sisters. We share a very similar/particular taste in most things. Coffee is definitely one, even though I must admit that her Coffee obsession is borderline crazy. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good cup of coffee but tea is a much bigger part of my daily routine. Now, when I am in the mood to indulge, I definitely know who to turn to, to satisfy this Coffee craving. We always venture out to enjoy a cup of coffee, a cappuccino is our go-to.

IMG_3276Jardins Cappuccinos are devine

But if you are looking for the real deal, just let Krissy make you a cup. She absolutely loves nothing more than making someone a cup of coffee AND might I add, it is always delish.

Thanks always Krissy

IMG_4834How fab does it look?

Hope you enjoyed this random fav!

Look out for more favs soon.



One thought on “Krissys Coffee

  1. an3b0ingtutgreen,&#82yh;I pulled it from some of his stuff,…but yeah, some interesting reading .Its funny,..but if you think about it, the folk in todays culture are only mimicking , the behaviour of the controllers. You see it all around, the stratification of class, education, competition, them and us, blues against reds etc etc. They (the controllers) hate us, and we hate one another (not you and I) but in general. I read these posts, and there is a them and us mentality eg, sheeple, oligarchs, greenies, not greenies. So many diversions to getting on. just a thought. : (


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