February Madness

I can’t believe February is over already. It is crazy to me how fast time is flying, but I think this month was exceptionally fast and the Carnival madness is definitely to blame. We spend so much time preparing for these two days of the year and then it hits and is over in a second. This carnival was amazing (when is carnival not amazing though?)- The first time in about four years that my friends and I played together so I could safely say a fabulous time was had. I wanted to share a little look back on my February, and can I just say, I am beyond excited for March!!

Lots of adventuring to come!


Pre Carnival partying with my homies



Ready for Carnival Monday!


In other exciting news, my sister finally picked her Bridesmaids! So exciting- I feel like the wedding is actually staring to feel real!



p.s Look out for a post of this lovely evening.


ALSO- Neutrals are definitely my vibe right now.

Look out for some posts soon, thinking of starting a little series for the month of March!

Sarah xo


One thought on “February Madness

  1. Amigo, si lo tuyo no es ironía, ahora mismo te baneo del blog.Menos humos Loviers que ya sabemos que eres experto en captar inaqcertds.Aiui le dan a uno el poder haciendolo becario y a la media hora ya esta amenazando a la gente con baneos.Esto con kirkis no pasaba.Hola, te baneo


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