Welcome to 2015!

Hey Everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while. No explanation really, other than the fact that I have just been super busy settling into 2015. I can truly say 2014 has been the best and the worst year. There were many ups and downs, but when I look back now, one thing I am certain about is that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my family. Here’s a look at my 2014, and cheers to a fab 2015!

Let’s start with January. Had a beautiful vacation in sweet Tobago with friends. Hi Meg!


Somehow ended back up in Tampa after graduating (US citizenship duties)
IMG_5310One last Gasparilla with the girls

IMG_5856Here goes February. Our grandmother had a little health scare. Big family to the rescue. Luckily once the scare was over, we were able to be together, even in a different country. 


March was a good one. Thank God for sisters, & 22nd Birthday celebrations!



Miley Cyrus concert (talk about an experience)


Twinning in April with my sis.


May Graduation- My two besties graduate


June- Got my US citizenship AND moved home!

IMG_0175 IMG_0188

In July I got to meet my cousins two adorable little boys


August was wonderful. Went cruising with the fam jam and crossed something off of my bucket list!! Parasailing was an incredible experience.





Started working in September and found myself getting used to Island Life again. Talk about a beautiful day.


Halloween fun with the girls


November was really tough. I lost my Grandfather and there are still no words to describe this. Rest in peace to an amazing person, I miss you everyday.


A little light at the end of the tunnel in December. Congrats again to my sister and my soon to be bro. Even though Christmas was a hard one for the whole family, we are so lucky we had each other. Love my big, crazy family. IMG_3207

Selfie sticks are so fun BTW!

Best wishes for 2015 guys! I know I am going to make it the best year ever, and I hope you do too!

Sarah xx


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