Meet Nicholas Huggins and Kevin Ross, my really good friends who have recently launched a clothing company called Deftment.  According to the guys, “The word Deftment is a portmanteau of the words “Deft”(which is a synonym for skilled) and moveMENT”. The name brings originality to the brand, as there aren’t any previous associations with this word.


Deftment Logo

Here’s a little on the design and inspiration behind Deftment:

I am always inspired by the things my friends do, and this was no different. Being the creative that I am I was curious mostly about the inspiration and the design process behind Deftment. The idea of doing a clothing brand was something Nick always wanted to do, apparel being the medium that he mostly enjoys for graphic design. Kevin shared this passion of creating a brand, and after discussing the idea, Deftment was born.

Nick, the artist behind the brand, is such a talented guy and learning about his design process for this was a must for me.

“It starts with an ideation phase where I sketch ideas or write down ideas in my notebook. Once I have a few solid concepts I go to illustrator and just experiment with different designs. For Deftment we narrowed the first line of t-shirts down to 5 designs, but we probably have over 100 ideas that we didn’t end up using”

image1 (1)

 Nick (left) and Kevin (right) sporting Deftment at their launch.

Knowing the hardworking character of these boys I had no doubt that this launch would be successful. After visiting and seeing the clothing line in person, I am very impressed.

The T-shirts are well made and scream originality, in a market that is hard to compete.


Male T-Shirts

Kevin and Nick hope that at the end of the day their customers leave knowing that they got a unique product; something that they put a lot of thought and consideration into. They are both extremely passionate about Deftment and hope that shows through to their customers. I’d say this passion surely showed through because I was not even able to purchase the T-Shirt of my choice because of a VERY successful launch.


Female T-Shirts

Will be definitely showing you my spin on wearing Deftment, as soon as I receive my custom order.

Congratulations boys, wishing you the best!

Be sure to check out Deftment, you won’t regret it.

Bye for now,

Sarah xo


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